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Joe Weber Excavation, Inc. offers complete excavation services tailored for your needs. Since 1962 we have consistently employed best practices and proven ability to grade any project. Whether it be homes, schools, commercial buildings, office and industrial parks, or shopping centers, your project will be in capable, trustworthy hands.

Excavating & Grading Services

Excavate and grade for Hillside pads for new homes and retaining walls, Create access roads for specialty equipment, Cut slopes, Fill slopes, Hillside repairs, Onsite cut and fills for both residential and commercial, Import and export, Dig out for subterranean parking, basements and pools, Structural compactions, Remove & Recompact for residential and commercial lots, Canyon fills, Backfills for retaining walls, existing pools (all phases), Demolition, Demolition of all residential and commercial structures, Existing pools, retaining walls parking lots, Rock breaking for hard material, Concrete work, Concrete pads for heavy traffic and remove and replace driveways, Underground utilities for contractors and city public works, We provide backhoes for trenching. Crews for shoring, installation of conduits and vaults, Concrete encasement, backfills, A/C base paving